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Tweeddale Health and Social Care Locality Plan

To make your views known on Health and Social Care provision in the Tweeddale area, please go to here to view proposals and to submit comments.  Closing date for comments is 16th September!!

With a significant push from the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act, everything is now to do with participatory planning - though government and councils still struggle to get the participatory element right (they tend to participate with those organisations / representatives that are paid to consult on these issues, but are less successful in gaining input from voluntary organisations and individuals who are not paid to participate in these planning processes). 

Still more confusingly, everything is also now going to be about Locality Planning - so we will probably see a number of things called Tweeddale Locality Plans.  THE Tweeddale Locality Plan will be developed by the Tweeddale Locality Committee (see other news items).  But the Health and Social Care Tweeddale Locality Plan will be developed by the Scottish Borders Health and Social Care Partnership - which it is now consulting on.