Community Council


Aside from the regular day to day business of the Community Council, the CC also undertakes or coordinates a number of repeat or one-off projects.  These serve to further issues that are considered of particular merit by the Community Council, help to raise the profile of the Community Council, provide opportunities for increased interaction between residents and councillors, and generate additional revenues to the Community Council that are used to cover other costs and small disbursements made across the year.  The following are examples of recent projects:

Activity Week - each year the Community Council coordinates a week of activities in May intended to encourage residents to exercise. A full programme of activities is scheduled across the week, providing opportunities children, teens, adults and our older citizens to sample various sports and other activities - from football to cycling proficiency, aqua-aerobics to zumba, yoga to rambling.  And for the more serious outdoors sports people, why not try the mid-week Hill Race from the Gytes to the top of Gypsy Glen.  Supported by Borders Sports & Leisure and a range of other independent providers this week provides fun for the family, and opportunity to explore new sports and activities at little to no cost (most taster activities are free).

Peebles in Bloom - each year the Community Council organises the recognition of some of the most colourful gardens in the town, giving awards for the best large, medium and small gardens that can be viewed from the footpath or roadside.  Intended to give a little pat on the back to those householders that help to brighten up the neighbourhoods and centre of our town, awards are given for overall arrangement, plantings, all-year-round gardens, and even visible vegetable patches.  There is also an award for Secret Gardens - nominated gardens that are not visible from the roadside.

Community Auction - in early 2013 we trailled a new initiative, a community auction.  Residents were encouraged to enter household articles to a one-day sales event.  This proved very successful, ensuring the circulation of a wide range of utensals, ornaments and equipment between householders in the town, generating additional cash to sellers, and contributing several hundred pounds to Community Council coffers.

Table sale and coffee - periodically the Community Council organises a Table Sale and refreshments in the Burgh Hall, providing local and visiting stall holders the opportunity to show and trade their wares, and the opportunity for Community councillors to man the kitchen and meet and greet many of the town's shoppers.

Victoria Park commemorative wood planting - in 2012 in collaboration with Bonnie Peebles the Community Council secured the donation of several hundred deciduous native tree saplings from the Woodland Trust which were planted in Victoria Park to commerorate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee. A weekend of planting was supported by many youngsters as well as adults, and leaves us with an enduring material monument to this national celebration.

The Big Lunch - As one of the many celebrations of the Queen's Jubilee the Community Council organised a Big Lunch for 100 diners, young and old, in the Burgh Hall.  The focus was on revisiting memories from the Queen's Coronation, with music, pictures, decorations and plenty of banter befitting the occasion.  A simple repast was sourced from local suppliers, and served by members of the local Girl Guides.  Community Councillors were in attendance, as was the Lord Lieutenant for Tweeddale, David Younger.