Condition of use

How to use the site

The front page provides access to all areas of the site. The structure of the site can be viewed by clicking on the “sitemap” button at the bottom of the page.

News items are posted to the main site – accessed using the tab along the top of the page; Community Council news is posted separately on the Community Council satellite site.  Key items of Community Council news are also occasionally posted to the front page of the site.

A number of discussion topics will be live at any given time under “Forum”.  You can also contribute your views through the Peebles Community Facebook page.

The site is a moderated site.  To post any comments you will need to provide a real name and physical address.  Anyone can post suggestions and feedback relating to the site using the “suggestions and feedback” button at the bottom of the page, but you will be required to log your name and address to demonstrate bona fides.

To participate in site discussion forums you will need to register with the site – real name, real address.

To subscribe to membership of the Community Trust you will need to be resident within the area of the Royal Burgh of Peebles and District Community Council, and a registered voter.  We will need you to provide a real name and physical address so that we can physically collect your £1 subscription.

Meeting minutes and background documentation will be posted to the archive section of the Community Council satellite site, or the archive section of the main site (tab at bottom of the page).

The calendar of events will be logged to the Diary as and when information is made available.  The Diary can be searched by organisation or by venue.
Descriptions of local Festivals and Events are posted under the Festivals tab, together with links to sources of further information.  These are listed accordingly to the date they will take place – those occurring soon will be at the top of the listing.

The Volunteering section is under development, but it is hoped to be able to list all local voluntary organisations, together with contact details, and to post details of when and where volunteers are required – for one-off events, or for particular types of skills, or for more regular commitment to an organisation.