Building an enterprise space / acquiring March St Mills allotments

In pursuit of Peebles Community Trust's efforts to acquire part of the March Street Mills site for community use (enterprise space and retention of the allotments) we have secured funding to build our case to apply for funding to purchase land and buildings.  We have engaged consultants who are now building the detailed case, and we once again ask for your help. It’s another survey I am afraid, but very short.  Go to here to complete the survey.  End date is 16th April.

The consultants are particularly interested in assessing what people might use an enterprise space / serviced building for (Question 2), assessing the level of demand for training, re-training, mentoring services (Question 5), identifying instances where people might have looked for support but struggled to find it locally (Question 6), and whether or not they have been involved in the allotments (Question 7).  When completing the survey you do not need to identify who you are, but please indicate in Question 1 if you live in Peebles, near Peebles, or further away.

As you are probably aware, the site owners have lodged an outline planning application for development of the site, and an application to demolish buildings within the Peebles Conservation Area.  You can comment on these applications, in practical terms, until such time as the applications are considered by the SBC Planning Committee - which is likely to be some months away yet.  Details can be found at - 17/00063/PPP and 17/00064/CON.

Several PCT members, and the trust itself, have commented and you can read their contributions online. It can only help our cause to have as many responses as possible.