Peebles Town Action Plan

The Peebles Town Action Plan seeks to prioritise actions that the community can support and/or undertake to build a better and more resilient community.  Many of us have spent years trying to make our town a better place to live in, work and visit. But our efforts are often hampered by a lack of co-ordination and finance and difficulties in mobilising support. An Action Plan is a way to tackle these challenges.

It summarises:

  • what Peebles is like now
  • how we see the future
  • the issues that matter most
  • the main priorities for action.

It’s not a mere wish list; it’s more of a “to-do” list – focus for a community’s efforts and a statement of what local people consider important. It’s a guide to what we as a community want to achieve over the next three to five years.  It’s a road map that signposts the way ahead.

The Peebles Town Action Plan can be downloaded here.  The cut-back matrix of priority actions can be viewed / downloaded here.

The Action Plan recognises the work done by so many groups to improve our town and create a vibrant community but none of them have the structure necessary to raise large amounts of cash. Peebles Community Trust is an attempt to put that right.

Preparing this Action Plan has been a joint effort involving Peebles Community Trust (PCT), the Royal Burgh of Peebles and District Community Council (PCC), Peebles Civic Society (PCS), the Royal Burgh of Peebles Callants Club (RCC), The Guildry Corporation of Peebles (GCP), the Tweed Valley Tourist Consortium (TVTC), Peebles Rotary Club (PRC), and The Bridge (supporting community and voluntary organisations and other interested individuals).

We know that money isn’t everything. Much can be done by people working together, sharing skills, and putting them to good use. We need everyone to get behind the Plan and help in whatever way they can. And we hope that includes Scottish Borders Council, our elected councillors and our MSPs. Together we can make a difference.