Whole Town Masterplan / Vision for Peebles

Vision for Peebles is a community initiative to develop a Master Planning Design Framework for Peebles that captures the medium to long term aspirations of residents covering not only the physical development of the town footprint, but its inter-connectivity, the provision of services (schools, medical, care, social support, utilities, business infrastructure).  An initiative of the Community Council and a number of Peebles organisations the target is to achieve recognition of a community originated Master Plan by May 2015.  Along the way it is planned to canvas community opinion through a variety of processes - including neighbourhood walkabouts, exhibitions and workshops - and to fund and organise a week-long community planning process called a Charrette, drawing together urban planning and design specialists, SBC officers and the community.

Taking forward an initiative of the town’s Community Council “A Vision for Peebles” is now setting up shop to begin to draw together the views of residents on how the town and surrounds should develop over time.  “There’s a lot going on in and around Peebles as we shift to “summer time”” says Crick Carleton, chair of the Community Council Planning Committee; “whether it’s welcoming visitors to town, engaging in the ongoing debate on a second bridge, or examining new proposals for housing development.”  So begins the task of drawing together the town’s views on its future.  “It is not just about the big things, it is also about the everyday concerns – getting a doctor’s appointment at the surgery, getting to and from work, ensuring that our less able neighbours were warm and could get shopping during the recent snow, or making sure that the kids are safe getting to and from school.  A Vision for Peebles is a way of drawing all these issues together - whether problems or aspirations - into a coherent medium-term plan”.

To get things rolling, over the next couple of months the A Vision for Peebles management group will be orchestrating a number of neighbourhood walkabouts – getting small groups of people (groups of six to ten people) in different parts of town to get together to explore some of the really local issues in the context of their immediate neighbourhood. 

For example - meeting up at someone’s house, discussing the format for the walkabout, then taking a short wander round the neighbourhood to identify issues, and meeting back at base for a tea and a chat.  Someone keeps track of issues and ideas raised (a combination of drawing on simple sketch maps, accompanied by some note-taking).  Someone from the management group can also be on-site to advise on the process.  And walkabouts can take place at any time – daytime, evenings, weekends. 

We would encourage similar exercises to be undertaken by special interest groups – town centre retailers, mothers and toddlers, school students, home workers, etc..  The A Vision for Peebles team will then draw this information together with a view to raising these issues for broader debate in one or more larger-format public meetings.

Anyone who would like to host a group session, order an information pack or would like to otherwise assist with the process, please get in touch with the initiative’s secretary, Myriam Baete.  Contact details – email:; tel: 01721 729839.  

A Vision for Peeblesan initiative supported by the Peebles and District Community Council, Peebles Civic Society, The Royal Burgh of Peebles Callants Club, The Guildry Corporation of Peebles, the Tweed Valley Tourist Consortium, Peebles Rotary Club, Peebles Community Trust and The Bridge (supporting Community and Voluntary Organisations).